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Дорогу осилит идущий... Сайт Малика Флоберовича Муканова - художника по гобеленам

About creativity

This site is a virtual gallery in the space of the Internet, with the help of which You can get acquainted with my author's works in the technique of manual weaving - tapestry. Also here is a partial presented works of my father, an artist, set designer, Mukanova Flaubert Темиргалиевича in the form of theatrical sketches for productions and author's graphic sheets. The site also presented an artist-monumentalist Жамхан Aidar Жамханулы. Many of created with them in co-authorship tapestries are large-scale works of modern monumental and decorative art of Kazakhstan. That the site was more informative and interesting to watch, it presents an extensive photographic material of all stages of creation of the tapestry.

Modern Kazakh tapestry is an interesting and promising artistic phenomenon. It is fast becoming and development for several decades in the fine arts of Kazakhstan due to  favorable national traditions. Applied art of embroidery, large felt mat wallow and carpet in the aggregate became the basis for the formation of this kind of decorative art. Bringing in a tradition of Kazakh decorative-applied art, tapestry firmly occupied its place in the contemporary fine arts of Kazakhstan.

The art of tapestry differs from other techniques of fine decorative artistic language, characteristic woven texture, richness color combination and heat of the material, woven with his hands, and his creation - this piece, time-consuming and expensive process. Unfortunately, it is this circumstance often creates a false situation in which it is convenient camouflage speculation technology of weaving. It is expressed in the fact that if, any of a work of fine art in our days is woven by hand, then it supposedly has unconditional "artistic" value.

Such tapestries - archaic in nature and the principle of creation, without expressed the author's conception, not carriers in the structure of art figurative system, and in which is not present effort of the artist to find that unique image and composition expressed topics, are the product of a spontaneous character, but not of contemporary artistic culture.

In contrast to this, I think, that we should treat his creativity, as to the Way the artist filled with thoughtful, internally solid and sincere feeling of creation. And on this path, applying decorative and symbolic of the graphic language of art of tapestry, conduct constant search for new technological methods, unusual artistic-style decisions in the spirit of modern aesthetics, and also, interesting and memorable visual images, revealing the historical-ethnographic and historical aspects of life of the Kazakh nation in the past, present and future times.

Mukanov Malik


About creativity

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