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Дорогу осилит идущий... Сайт Малика Флоберовича Муканова - художника по гобеленам

The biography

Mukanov Malik Floberovich, was born 07.09.1972 in Gorno-Altaisk of Altay territory RSFSR.

In 1987 has arrived for study in Almaty Art school of N.V.Gogolya and has finished it in 1991 with a speciality of the artist of theater.

In 1991 has arrived for study in Almaty State theatrically-art institute of T.Zhurgenova on branch «Monumental painting» and has ended it in 1996 with a speciality – the artist-painter. On protection of the degree project has executed a series of gobelins under the name «World of nomads».

Since September, 1996 «the Design of clothes and art textiles» worked as the teacher at the Kazakh State Art Academy.

2001- 2004 studied in postgraduate study of KazNAI of T.Zhurgenova with a theme of dissertational work «Art of a modern Kazakhstan gobelin».

Since September, 1999 and at present I teach on chair "Painting" on a speciality «Monumental painting» of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts of T.Zhurgenova.

In 1993-1997. Studied and worked in a workshop of artists of Saule and Alibaja Bapanovs where has mastered technics of manual weaving - a gobelin.

1997-2008 under the direction of Eshkenova G. A as a part of groups of muralists was in decorating of interiors of the central mosques in Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Atyrau, Pavlodar, district Karabalyk of Kostanajsky area, and also the Islamic center in Astana.

In 2003 together with Zhamhan A. Zh has executed a panel-gobelin «Tourist's Ansky epoch» in the size 205 on 410 see for registration of head office "KazTengizShevroil" in Atyrau.

In 2005 under the direction of Sulejmenova T.O. as a part of group of muralists in decorating of an interior of the central mosque to Petropavlovsk.

Participation in exhibition activity of the beginnings since 1995.
1995 - 2000 Participation in annual festival of young artists of the Republic Kazakhstan "Zhiger", spent to Almaty.
2000 -2004. The participant and the student of annual festival of creative youth "Shabyt" in Astana. Also I am the participant of many other international and republican exhibitions.

Since 1996 -  a member of Youth association of the Union of artists of Republic Kazakhstan.
Member of the Union of Artists of Republic Kazakhstan since 2003.

In 2004 and 2005. Under the direction of Tolepbaj Е in the co-authorship from Zhamhan A.Z. participated in creation of a series of monumental and decoration panels-gobelins under the name «My Native land – Kazakhstan» for interiors of buildings of the Supreme Court and President residence RK «Ak orde» in Astana.
The winner of the State youth award "Daryn" for the contribution to development of the modern fine arts of Republic Kazakhstan.

Since 2006 I am engaged in an applied karate in National Academy Kekusinkaj karate in dodjo sanseia of Haritonov D.L., a black belt, 3th dan. I am the certified owner of a yellow belt, 6 kiy.

In 2009 has taken 1st place in nominations «Full-length animation film» and 3 place in a nomination «Animation serial» at the competition of animation scenarios spent by a film studio of "Kazahfilm" of S.Ajmanova in 2009г. In Almaty.

In 2010 with the co-authorship with Eshkenov G and Zhamhan А participated in working out of a monumental and decoration panel for decorating of an interior of station of Almaty underground "Abai".
In 2010 in the co-authorship with Zhamhan А and Sulejmenov М worked over creation of monumental and decoration gobelins (diptych) in an interior of a conference room of head office "KazakhstanTemirjoli" in Astana. The size integral 3х12 m. each gobelin.

 In December, 2010 has occupied second place in open superiority of Almaty Federation Shinkiokushinkaj in karate  of B.Kabulova among the fans who are engaged in a karate and not having experience of participation in professional tournaments. A weight category – to 75 kg. And the age category – from 35 years also is more senior.

The same year took part in art execution in the technician of a manual mosaic of monumental and decoration panels for interiors of stations of Almaty underground and "Ala Tau". Under architectural supervision of Eshkenov G and Zhamhan A.

I work in Almaty, in an art workshop of the father – Mukanova Flaubert Temirgalievich.


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